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New Update: OPERATION G.R.A.N.D.

The latest update is here!

A long-awaited event with awesome rewards for everyone is on! Plus we’ve fixed some nasty bugs. Look into the details and update ASAP!

In-game Event: Operation G.R.A.N.D.
• Soldier, we've got a job for you! Complete Event Missions, boost your GRAND PASS Level and earn valuable presents for your combat achievements.
• Want even more? Unlock an extra Tier of GRAND PASS and get the most out of it.
• Available from 1,500 Rating. Duration — 4 weeks.

Chasing Rarities
• The famous lottery returns! Collect Tokens by completing Event Missions, and win useful resources along with items from classic collections.
• Introducing the main prize — a unique Charon's Outfit. Be the first to get it!

Shop: Double VIP Points
• Let's end this summer with extreme profit. Make any purchase through the in-game Shop or Market — and get twice as many VIP Points!
• Promotion will only last for 3 days. Hurry!

Workshop: Intel Sale
• We're giving away Common Intel with a 25% discount. Perfect opportunity to upgrade your favourite gun!
• Promotion starts on September 2. The discounts will be available for 3 days only.

• Added JB to the Shard discount rotation.
• Replaced all swing and hit sounds for Melee Weapons.
• Adjusted spawn points on Tlensk City and McReady Station in Control to improve map balancing.
• "Pyrochemistry" Talent no longer affects Snek's Airstrike.

Bug fixes and general improvements:
• Improved automatic region detection during matchmaking.
• Fixed a bug where KAPITZ-A's Power would multiply in certain situations.
• Fixed a bug where ending a match would sometimes result in the game crashing.
• Fixed a bug where an empty alert would appear on Clan Missions.
• Fixed a bug where the Browse Clans list would show as empty for some players.
• Descent: Fixed a bug where the Infected couldn't reach players in a certain corner of the map.
• Battle Royale: Fixed a bug that allowed going out of bound by dodging into a wall.
• Battle Royale: Fixed a bug where Operators would get stuck in the road curb.
• PC: Improved support for unconventional screen resolutions.