Become our next star!
Become our next star!
Join our network of dedicated Content Creators on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, chat with experts, grow your skills and get exclusive sneak peeks to become the best Influencer out there.

Play Tacticool. Make awesome content. Get rewards!
Simple as that. Are you in?

What is Tacticool Content Creator Program?
It's a system we at Panzerdog created to support players who enjoy making content about our game. Now running a Tacticool channel on YouTube, pages on Instagram or TikTok can bring you in-game valuables, community perks, and much more!
How do I join the Program?
  1. Make sure your channel or page meets the requirements for any of the Tiers listed here.
  2. Join our Discord server — it's where all our Content Creators communicate and talk business.
  3. Apply through this form.

Easy as that!

We will need some time to review your application. If everything is okay, you will get a message from us on Discord, and then we can get you on board.
Does my channel or page have to be about Tacticool only?

Nope. Play, promote, and stream any games you like — there are no limits! Just remember that we only count Tacticool-related content for the Program.

What if I have a channel or page on another platform?
For now, YouTube channels, Instagram or TikTok authors can join the Program. However, we are willing to extend our support to other platforms and services in the future — it's just our first step in this direction. Stay tuned for news!
How do you pick videos for official promotion?
Two factors: quality and relevance. If your video is professionally edited and brings value to our community, chances are it will show up on our social media eventually. Think reviews, guides, tips, creative reels and news compilations... or something else entirely!

We closely monitor all the content produced by Tacticool fans, looking for new creators with unique ideas. Show us what you got, and the spotlight is yours.
I'm a Player! How can I support my favorite Creator?
You can support your favorite Creator by using personal Content Creators Code when purchasing items in our Market. Just follow the steps:

  1. Find your favorite channel and its code on the list and copy it.
  2. Go to the Market and log in with your in-game Account.
  3. Choose an item which you want to purchase.
  4. Choose your ID and follow the next step.
  5. Paste the copied code before in the form.
  6. Complete the purchase by entering payment details.
That's all! You will get your in-game item and support a channel. Each purchase with the code brings to your favorite Creator 10% of the Revenue. Some Creators hold giveaways to thank you for your support.

Check more details on these channels and in the descriptions. Keep in mind that Codes are only available for SOLDIER and higher Tiers. Some items, such as Toxicoins, still do not support these Codes.

NOTE: Current list of Tiers and rewards is subject to change.

Updated 22.05.2024

Panzerdog reserves the right to not allow certain channels into Tacticool Creator Program if they violate or promote violation
of the Terms of Use, or feature inappropriate content.


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