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Tacticool is an ever-evolving game with tons of features, content, and activities still to come. The HQ has many great things in the works, and it's time to share a glimpse of them with you.

We have put together a timeline that should give you an idea of what to expect in the near future.
Roadmap is Work in Progress!

Some features, release dates, and other details are subject to change due to development limitations or community needs.
Q4 2022
Q4 2022
Battle Pass Overhaul
Objective: Release new content (Weapons, Operators) more often, add easier ways to unlock it.
• Monthly Pass.
• More rewards, including random Weapon Parts and brand-new content.
Chasing Rarities Overhaul
Objective: Make it possible to obtain missed content.
• New case available at all times, containing items from previous seasons/events and other rewards.
• Monthly case content rotation.
• Event with a unique game mode and map.
• New Year event with a game mode.
• New Weapon.
• New Special Weapon.
Q1 2023
Q1 2023
New Operators System
Objective: Raise the effectiveness of all Operators, ensure that all characters are equally viable.
• Any Operator can be upgraded to a power level comparable to Epic.
• The entire roster will be reworked, no Operators removed.
Missions Overhaul
Objective: Add variety to Missions, make them more exciting and easier to understand.
• Epic Operators will appear in Mission conditions.
• Missions will include all in-game activities.
Matchmaking Improvements
Objective: Solve the problem of unfair player matching.
• Power gap will be reduced, allowing players to stay competitive even with lower-tier equipment.
• Event: Lunar New Year.
• Event: Valentine’s Day.
• Event: International Women’s Day.
• New Operator.
• 2 new Weapons.
• New Special Weapon.
• Improved tutorial and first player experience.
• Better control settings synchronization and storing.
Q2 2023
Q2 2023
Clan Activities Overhaul
Objective: Provide players with better Clan activities and valuable rewards for them.
Special Weapons Overhaul
Objective: Include Special Weapons in the new Weapon upgrade system.
• Fewer Levels with more impactful upgrades.
• Reduced upgrade cost.
New Mods System
Objective: Add more flexibility to Mods, prevent the possibility of choosing the "wrong" Weapon upgrades.
• Unique Mods for every Weapon.
Updated UI
Objective: Convert main in-game screens to a unified look, improve their clarity and usability.
• Event: April Fool’s Day.
• Event: Easter.
• New Operator.
• Tacticool release on Steam.
Q3 2023
Q3 2023
Coming Soon