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Tacticool is an ever-evolving game with tons of features, content, and activities still to come. The HQ has many great things in the works, and it's time to share a glimpse of them with you.

We have put together a timeline that should give you an idea of what to expect in the near future.
Roadmap is Work in Progress!

Some features, release dates, and other details are subject to change due to development limitations or community needs.
Q1 2024
Q1 2024
Balance Tweaks
Objective: Improve the balance and provide players better game experience.
• Rebalance for Operators.
• Rebalance for Flamethrower, Molotov and Fire.
• Rebalance for Apollon.
New Operator
Objective: Provide more gameplay features and new possibilities into the game to make matches more balanced and interesting.
• Operator to play against fire and more survivability.
• Support front-line play style.
• Unique Dash with resistance and interaction with objects on the map.
New Tutorial Mode and Player Experience
Objective: Add a more detailed Tutorial Mode that explains important game mechanics, gameplay and goals for new players. Make better and competitive Bots.
• Onboarding new players.
• How to play in the first matches.
• Goals for first days in the game.
• Various Bots with different loadouts and cosmetics.
• Two new Operations.
• New content: Collectibles, Skins, Avatars.
• Technical improvements.
Q2 2024
Q2 2024
Talents and Operators Rework
Objective: Improve the balance and gameplay for some old Operators
• Rework Talents for Boris, Claus, Syndrome.
• Rework Chen Li and Moses.
• New Weapon.
• Gunball Event with unique gameplay.
• Redesigned Shop.
• New early and late game content.
• In-game Clan list improvements.
• New Special Weapon.
Q3-Q4 2023
Q3-Q4 2023
Coming Soon