Create your own Clan that everyone wants to stay in

What is the Tacticool Brotherhood Program?
The Panzerdog team has created a community for Presidents who want to build their own active Clan in the game. It helps you make friends and find new members. To complete Daily and Clan Missions together. To host contests, tournaments, earn rewards and community achievements. And for the new players to find and join a really good Clan.
How to become a part of the Brotherhood?
Make sure that you and your Clan meet the requirements:
  1. You already made your own Discord server or chat in messenger/social network and have a link to it in the in-game description of the Clan.
  2. Join our Discord server — it's where you can get a special community role, communicate with the team and other Brotherhood members.
  3. Apply through this form.

Not much of requirements, huh?

It takes some time to review your application. Please note that the Program is in the beta stage and we will select only a few Clans to participate (no more than 20). If everything is okay, you will get a direct message from Tacticool HQ on Discord, and then we can get you on board.
What about the goals and benefits?
As the part of the Brotherhood, regardless of your success and the number of people in the Clan, the following is available to you:

  • Unique role on the official Tacticool Discord server
  • Featuring your Clan in the special Brotherhood section on Discord
  • Access to the closed chat with other Presidents to share experiences
  • The Brotherhood community manager supports with Clan management, contests, tournaments, tips, and onboarding new members to your Clan
  • Opportunity to participate in interviews and be mentioned in Clan Talks special posts
  • Get the community mission to reach the PLATOON — first Tier

When you join the Brotherhood, you start from the beginning. Here you'll make your first steps as a Clan President, learn useful tips on improving your Discord server and find out how to build an engaging Clan for both new and existing members. You’re growing up your Clan with our support to complete the mission and to reach the PLATOON Tier.
What is the PLATOON Tier?
In the beta of the Tacticool Brotherhood Program, we have only the PLATOON Tier. To get it, meet the next requirements:
  1. 25+ Clan members, 2 full Squads which are regularly playing together and 1 active Vice President who helps you manage the Clan.
  2. Onboarding process. With the greetings of new members on Discord/Clan chat, giving out the roles, inviting them to the Squad and actively helping with the Daily Missions.
  3. The Vice Presidents or President of the Clan regularly announce joint activities (creates a schedule within squads to complete daily squad/clan missions). Announcing joint matches in the evenings as an example.
  4. Regular announcements and engaging members to Clan Missions, tips to setting up Operators for it.
  5. One or more regular Clan activities per month (contest or tournament).
When our Program comes out of the beta stage, we are planning to add more Tiers, participants and benefits.
What benefits does the PLATOON Tier have?
Rewards are still in the development and may be changed during the beta stage. Clan Presidents in the PLATOON Tier will receive:
  • 1,500 Gold monthly
  • 3 Clan Passes monthly for any Clan member
  • A personal Market code. Presidents can give them to other players and get a share of revenue from purchases made using these codes.

How to find and join Clans from Brotherhood
Here you check the list of active Clans that we are sure are great and where you can find friends, teammates and get fun playing together. Click on the orange names to join their Discord servers, get contacts, send message and send your request to join. Start your journey to a new and unique experience of playing in the Clan, become part of the Brotherhood and get a bunch of rewards.
  • HONOR | Clan Tournaments | Giveaways
  • UFO | Giveaways
  • 2RUN | Giveaways

Ready to build a community and grow your Clan?
Fill out the form below and get a chance to start a special Tacticool Brotherhood mission!
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