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Upcoming Balance Changes

Perfect balance is something that many strive for. Tacticool is no exception, and the team is working on changes to the specs of Operators and equipment.
Read about the upcoming rebalance to find out more and prepare for the changes!


XL20 Shotgun

This one is way too hard to counter right now. We want to maintain its status as a "one shot, one kill" weapon, so its damage and accuracy will remain the same. Instead, we're increasing the first shot delay and slightly decreasing general rate of fire — that will give enemies a chance to avoid getting hit.
  • First shot delay: 0.15 → 0.25
  • Rate of fire: 120 → 105

UU-10 Shotgun

In order to make Shotguns more equally viable, we're improving UU-10. Increased range and accuracy will help you hit targets more often with it.
  • Range: 8.2 → 8.8
  • Accuracy: 50 → 53

AW Sniper Rifle

We strive to ensure that each weapon has its own unique role. AW is a classic Sniper Rifle for positional shooting, so to further enhance its features, we are increasing its range and view distance.
  • Range: 22 → 23
  • Max view distance: +7%

FR USTR8 Sniper Rifle

This Rifle, initially designed for a mobile play style, is currently a bit too versatile and effective in most situations. We'll reduce its mobility to solve that.
  • Movement speed while aiming and firing: 70 → 64
  • Movement speed backwards and sideways: 77 → 70

DOOM-INJECT .25 Sniper Rifle

Past changes have shown a positive trend, but still haven't made this Rifle more appealing to use. Due to low fire rate, every missed shot causes a lot of emotions, so we will increase its accuracy to compensate for that.
  • Accuracy: 958 → 1000

MM66 Machine Gun

Well-rounded gun that we want to make a bit more unique in its class. It will still be inferior to Assault Rifles in movement speed, but noticeably faster than other Machine Guns.
  • Speed: 68 → 76


Flash Grenade

This grenade is way too effective in crowd control. We feel the need to prevent players from spamming it, almost permanently controlling their enemies.
  • Next grenade throw delay: 2 → 6
  • Cooldown: 24 → 30



No more Smart Bomb and C4 raining from the sky. Plus, we are adding an off-screen indicator in the next update to help you with positioning when facing Apollon.
  • C4 detonation delay in air: 1.5 → 4.5
  • C4 can no longer be attached to the Smart Bomb


The Second Breath + Injector combo is too effective in some situations, extending Moses' life almost indefinitely. While we won't change Second Breath's duration or the mechanic itself, we will weaken the combination in question.
  • Moses during Second Breath now loses health at a progressively increasing rate


All in all, Diana does a pretty good job as a unique support character. But we'd like to smooth out her gameplay and slightly increase the dynamics when she's not controlling her Drones.
  • Camera returns faster upon exiting the UAV control mode
  • After exiting the UAV control mode, Diana gains +25% to her movement speed for 3 seconds


We will make her clone useful in more situations and give her tools to not just ambush enemies, but also hide after a successful kill.
  • Clone is now usable while invisible
  • Invisibility charge is restored on kill


Cluster Grenade very rarely kills anyone compared to other Grenades — and that's a Unique Special! We need to fix that by raising its efficiency. Also, we will slightly increase Phoenix's health to make him a better choice for mid-range combat that he was designed for.
  • Health: 7195 → 7545
  • Less steep throw arc for Cluster Grenade, making it travel faster
  • Average Cluster explosion time for Cluster Grenade: 0.75 → 0.45
  • Cluster explosion radius for Cluster Grenade: 3.3 → 3.9