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New Battle Royale: Boosters

Today, we're sharing the final article about the new temporary Battle Royale Event. This exciting mode will soon come to all your devices! You'll learn about the power-ups you can find in Crates on the battlefield.


Crates are located in various places on the battleground. You can pick up one and use it to strengthen your Operator:

  • Health Boosters to increase your HP
  • Damage Boosters to increase the damage you deal
  • Health Kits to heal your Operator

And yes, Boosters do stack! Find Crates, choose one of the three power-ups, and rush back to the battle!

When an Operator dies, they lose all earned Boosters and drop them on the battlefield. Other Operators can pick them up and use them for themselves. Nothing goes to waste!

Stay tuned for news about the upcoming Battle Royale temporary Event. Read our previour articles about matchmaking and rewards. And don't forget your comments will help decide whether new mechanics stay in your favorite mode. Make sure to leave your feedback!