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New Battle Royale Event: Matchmaking

Battle Royale is making a comeback in our upcoming temporary Event, with new mechanics that make it even more fun, entertaining, and competitive.

We're sharing some details on how the new Event will work. Your feedback will determine whether these innovations stay in the future Battle Royale. Please share your opinion about the new features to decide their fate!

Today we'll tell you how opponent selection and Operator choice will work in this Event.

Operator Selection

Unleash your power as you choose from your Operators, complete with Talents, upgrades, and Weapons you already own. Note that Epics will be subject to some restrictions regarding abilities for a fairer game.


Opponents in the Battle Royale will now be matched according to the internal mode Rating. The Rating is dynamic and depends on wins and losses in Battle Royale matches. By the way, bots have become smarter — they have learned how to loot Chests and play better, spicing up the gameplay. Show off your skills and dominate the battlefield!

Get ready to dive into equal and exhilarating matches that will put your skills to the test. Show off your tactics, adapt on the fly, and fight for survival!