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New Battle Royale Event: Rewards

We're back to delve into the new features awaiting you in the upcoming limited Battle Royale Event. Today we'll explore the mechanics of the Event Missions and the enticing rewards it offers.


Well, what kind of Event is it without unique Missions? Brace yourself for exciting and challenging tasks. Complete all the assignments before the timer expires to get the most out of them. In each timed set you will find two fixed Missions, as well as three dynamic ones, which can be changed by watching ads and picking the challenge that is most attractive to you.


We won't leave you without rewards either! Complete Missions to receive Event Points, progress through Event Passes and collect valuable prizes. In total, you will have four separate Event Passes with lots of great bonuses, including a unique Avatar!

Win matches to climb the leaderboard and get even more resources and great rewards. Sounds like a nice deal, doesn’t it?

Get ready for thrilling battles and compelling Missions - a new Event is on its way! To learn how matchmaking will work in the upcoming Event read our previous post. As a reminder, only your feedback will determine which of the experimental mechanics will stay in the game. So make sure to leave a comment!