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❄️🔥⚡ Roll out the red carpet because the world of ball games is never going to be the same again! From April 25th to May 15th, step into the shoes of a tactical master in the Gunball: Element Cup. Ready to dive into the stormy pits?

Weather the Storm - Literally!

Play under the whims of nature with our new Weather Mutators. Each week brings a flurry of new challenges and strategies:

  • Battle through Snow, mastering swift and sharp maneuvers.
  • Survive the Fires, keeping your cool amid chaos.
  • Conquer in Thunderstorms, as each lightning strike illuminates your path to victory.

🌐 Three Unique Maps await where each climatic condition could be your ally or your downfall. Adapt swiftly or taste defeat!

🏅 Richer Rewards with New Cup Mechanics! The stakes are higher and so are the rewards. More points mean more splendid prizes — every victory lining up bountiful catch for our brave competitors.

🎖️ Three Phases of Competition for all participants feature glorious Victory Stat Frames. Time to show off your tactical prowess and climb the top!

🤩 Exclusive prizes by collaboration with Rock Star Team, are on the line for those who dare to rule the Gunball Tournament. Answer the call of the champions!

💥 Kickstart Your Game! Explore new maps, create your unique custom matches in Gunball — play by your own rules!

📅 Don’t Miss Out on Marathon Challenges and Community Goals! A perfect blend of collecting, competing, and dominating with a full suite of Daily Quests to earn Toxicoins. Stride through 30 levels of the Event Pass and savor every achievement on your path to glory.

🔥 For all players with a 500+ rating, the field is set, the game beckons — Are you ready to rule the storm in Gunball?

Bring your A-game, collect and conquer, and don’t forget to enjoy the thrill of the chase in the 14-day Marathon and three-phase Community Goals. Dive into the elemental chaos of Gunball starting April 25th — Make sure you’re ready to strike as the skies roar!

Don't miss all the details about Operator and Talent overhaul that released in this update.