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Upcoming Operator and Talent Overhaul

Recently, the game has seen a lot of updates with new mechanics, Operators and Weapons that have changed the gameplay and the situation on the battlefields. And now it's time for some old the Operators as well, to improve the game experience. We are preparing a big update for you, so find out the details below.

Improved Operator Uniqueness

Currently, Tacticool’s Operators easily lose their unique character as Talents offset their weaknesses. We aim to ensure that moving forward, each Operator feels distinctly unique with a more defined role in the match.

New Operator Talents

Boris, Klaus and Syndrome will not only get new level 6 and 10 Talents. The intermediate Talents will also undergo a number of changes to make each Operator feel different. Some have a lot of damage resistance, some have a lot of health, and some aren't particularly survivable but excel in Explosives.
In addition, these Operators had the same basic voice over as the Rookie. In this update, each of them will get their own unique voice over. By the way, Syndrome doesn't have a single word in his lines.


Boris will become a demolition expert. Though not very protected and mobile, he will be able to use Explosives more frequently and will have a series of Talents related to his favorite C4 Explosives.

Regular Talents:
  • Replaced some Talents with “Explosives Expert”: -10% Explosive recharge time
  • Reduced the number of Talents affecting mobility and survivability
Signature Talents:
  • Reduces C4 recharge time by 50% if the explosion kills no enemies
  • Restores 50% health if the C4 explosion kills at least one enemy
  • Becomes invisible when throwing C4 for a short time but increases C4 activation time by 50%
  • Receives bleeding instead of explosion damage, proportional to the explosion's power


Klaus will enhance his existing theme: a Special Ops Operator skilled with a knife for close-quarters combat. He will be less mobile when no enemies are nearby, but better protected in any situation - not for nothing he has a gas mask and other Special Ops equipment.
Regular Talents:
  • Removed Talents that provide movement speed
  • Removed Talents reducing damage from wounds and gas
  • Added Talents to reduce damage from various sources
Signature Talents:
  • -60% damage from gas, wounds, and burns
  • +20% running speed with a Shield
  • -40% bullet damage when enemies are nearby
  • Melee attacks always deal damage equal to the target's maximum health, though this can be reduced by Talents and Perks


Syndrome will become an Operator with the most Talents that enhance health. However, he lacks Talents that reduce damage. We've also slightly reduced his Perk bonus and reworked his Health Regeneration to always regenerate health, even in combat, but very slowly.
  • Always regenerates health but much slower than others
  • Receives -30% damage from bullets and melee attacks → -25%
Regular Talents:
  • Almost every tier of Talents now has an option to choose +350 Health
  • Reduced number of Talents that decrease damage from various sources
Signature Talents:
  • Immunity to slowing and stunning if enemies are nearby
  • Restores 10% Health when receiving a negative effect (burning, gas, stun, etc.)
  • Cannot lose more than 40% of Health from a single shot or explosion
  • Increases Health by 10% per enemy killed, up to 40%, and lasts until death

Epic Operator Rebalance

Some Epic Operators are too effective, especially at high levels. In addition, some of them are made around non-interactive mechanics. This leads to a lack of tactical variety and player frustration on those who are facing the ultimate mechanics of these Operators.


Miro will no longer counter himself as much since he no longer has immunity to blindness effects. Moreover, his ability to spam Flash Grenades will be significantly reduced, but now he can use any Grenades more frequently.
  • Immunity to blindness → -30% duration of blindness
  • No longer gains an Extra Charge and radius for Flash Grenade
  • Some Talents replaced with “Grenade Expert: -10% Grenade recharge time”


Moses is one of the most versatile and common Operators, especially at high levels of the game. And in some cases, it is mandatory - for example, when capturing and defending spots in Control Mode. We are fixing a bug in the Anointed Talent and slightly reducing the effectiveness of Second Breath, which now, in combination with a bug, allows Moses to live sometimes more than 10 seconds after death, if you support him with the Injector. It seems to us that the level of survivability that Moses has now has a negative impact on the variety of Operators in matches and we hope that after these rework, the situation will change for the better and we will see more various tactics and Squad Loadouts.
  • Second Breath: 5 seconds → 4 seconds
  • Talent increasing duration and health during Second Breath: +35% → +65%
  • Health decreases much faster after the Second Breath timer expires
  • Talent reducing bullet damage → Talent for Explosive recharge
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Anointed Talent to also reduce the damage taken normally from Second Breath

Chen Li

Chen Li has always been a versatile Operator with high survivability, with limited counterplay options. We'll transfer some of the effective power of her Shield into Talents by reducing the initial stats and significantly enhancing the Talents. This will make her Perk a little less versatile.
  • Shield Strength: 30% → 20%
  • Talent that increases strength: 20% → 75%.
  • Field Blast radius: 12 → 8
  • Talent that increases radius: 15% → 75%
This is a big overhaul in balance and gameplay and our team hopes you'll like it. While the update is not out yet, we want to know your opinion about these changes. Leave your thoughts on our Discord, in the #suggestions channel.