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Community Feedback: May

Here you’ll find more about the gameplay, balance and Intel. Don’t forget to send your suggestions and share thoughts on Discord in #suggestions channel!

Nerf FR USTR8, but don't change the weapon itself, people spent a lot of time and resources on it. So instead reduce its effectiveness by buffing mid-range weapons like Machineguns, Assault Rifles, and SMGs.

Not everything is so simple. If you constantly only strengthen weapons without weakening other weapons, then TTK (time to kill) will gradually decrease catastrophically, and the game will become extremely non-interactive. But we are just about to make SMGs and Assault Rifles more effective in the near future.

Add a feature to convert higher levels of Intel to lower.

Our team currently not ready to add the suggested conversion to the game economy at this stage. We are monitoring the economic component very closely and we wouldn't collapse it.

Return Miro’s blindness immunity.

You can find the details about Miro and our vision for him in the previous article.

Reduce the search radius and power of the Smart Bomb. Players runs like one-button monkeys — press a button and she herself goes to kill the enemy across half map. Stop doing things that play instead of a person!

We'll see what we can do to influence the situation. But dodge, adrenaline, Missile Defence, fire, etc. — are pretty good against a smart bomb.

Zloy was a fan favorite, and a lot of players invested into him. With the current flame meta, Zloy gas is practically unusable. Give him a sixth Talent which makes his gas "inert" at the very least.

Zloy already has immunity to gas, good resistances and improved dodge. Should we give him partial immunity to fire as well? How can a player identify if a gas cloud is flammable or not? Should we make two more colours of gas? Fire and gas burning at the same point at the same time? Suggested solution raises quite a few serious questions. As we answered before, we wouldn't want to make Talents/Mods that break the basic logic of global mechanics. We are currently testing a change to the fire + gas interaction. If it performs well in our internal tests, it should be easier for Zloy. This Operator currently has about the same number of active players as Owen, Phoenix, Ray and Apollon combined — so it seems he's not that bad.

Matchmaking based on the players' equipment level would make the game much more balanced and fun compared to its current state.

Yes, this kind of approach would be especially useful after the release of new Operators and Weapons. At the moment we are thinking about how to combine rating-based and equipment-based matchmaking. The major thing is to make a system that works fairly for all players.