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Community Feedback: April

Learn more about the Decent Mode, balance changes, Operators reworks, their Talents, Weapons and resources. Leave your own comments in the #suggestions channel and we'll answer some of them next time!

Bring back the old Descent Mode with its original rules or add a mode selection. With increased difficulty, limited attempts and no Mutators.

There are no such plans at the moment. But by the number of likes, this feature is interesting to a significant number of players. We will think about how to arrange it.

Stop destroying the Operators. You can't change their core, their essence. Miro already received a major update about two months ago. He was no longer a problem, but with the last update Miro lost his uniqueness.

In our opinion, Miro is still a unique Operator because of his ability to shoot through smoke, detect invisible objects and apply bleeding with the explosion of a Flash Grenade. We think he has a lot of potential, even with his current Perks. Soon, the smoke mechanics will undergo some changes and Miro will become even more useful. We will try not to make radical changes to the core Operator’s mechanics.

Give us back all the resources spent on the Operators you change. It looks like you are selling us something, but then taking some of those resources away from us.

When we released the update with the Operators upgrading system before, we compensated resources for the players, and it was a fair decision as part of the rework. Now we are improving the balance, making the Operators more competitive among themselves, more interesting, to avoid matches in which players choose a limited set of Operators, ignoring the rest. We want to expand the gameplay, loadouts, and strategies on the battlefield.

Add numerical values to the Operators' Perks. For example, for Valera: "Increase speed by 40% when health drops below 35%". Same goes for Spencer, Klaus, Joe, Varg, etc. There are not enough specific values.

It will be done! No, seriously, we think the more clear descriptions of mechanics, the better. We can't guarantee that this will happen overnight, but we will gradually bring all descriptions to a unified, more informative format.

Mid-range weapons, Machine Guns and Assault Rifles, are completely useless against the FR USTR8, which has unrivalled versatility in close, medium and long-range combat. Reduce this Rifle or increase Machine Guns and Assault Rifles power.

Yes, we see that some Weapons have become more effective than we would like. Right now, we are working on a complete solution to change this situation more softly.

First, you release a new Operator or Weapon that changes the situation on the battlefield because they are too powerful. Then you decrease their power. Most of us don't like this approach.

We actually try to release new content in such a way that it fits somewhere in the middle in terms of balance. But there are many factors in the game that affect the actual power of Weapons and Operators. Sometimes it's difficult to keep it for all of them, but we are constantly working to improve our approach and tools to reduce the number of such cases. We recently changed the MRA3-6 and Apollon, but the former is still a decent Weapon in the secondary slot - albeit not as variable (and omnipresent). Apollon was changed more, but he remained an Operator with unique mobility mechanics. Yes, he has Talents that are currently ineffective, but next we will rework them in such a way that his gameplay will become more interesting, and it will make sense to strive to upgrade these Talents.