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New Update: EGG HUNT

Welcome to the much-awaited Easter Event! Defeat enemies, collect holiday eggs, and disarm the bomb to get rewards. 🎁 All that with improved Weapon balance for spectacular and vigorous battles.

In-Game Event: Egg Hunt

Egg your enemies on by collecting eggs from defeated foes, earning them in various Modes, and trading them with friends.
• Where else can you exchange the eggs you find for awesome loot at the Shop? Outfits, Hats, Avatars, and other rewards are waiting for you!
• Defuse the Easter Bomb! Complete Event Missions, solve puzzles, and win secret prizes. The clock is ticking.

Bug Fixes & General Improvements

• Fixed Mods for the K1914 and MACK.
• Fixed a bug that caused smoke not to conceal Barbed Wire.

Gun Rebalancing

For a deeper look into the changes, check out our previous post.
• XL20:
- Damage: 5110.
- Rate of fire: 120.
- Damage: 427.
- Accuracy: 261.
- Range: 11.2.
- Damage: 2282.
- Accuracy: 620-1000.
- Range: 24.2.
- Damage: 725.
- Accuracy: 93-809.
- Range: 18.1.
• VFX150:
- Damage: 507.
- Accuracy: 275-655.
- Range: 15.9.
- Time to spin up: 1.2 sec.
- Accuracy: 87-579.
• MLG99 and ROACH:
- Enemies no longer see an indicator when aiming.
Burst into the hunt together with your mates right now!