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Upcoming Weapon Changes

We’re excited to announce that we’re preparing some changes in Weapon balance to enhance your gameplay experience. These edits are supposed to highlight the guns’ distinctive features and make them more effective in combat.

Here’s what we’ve revised and how it will impact the gameplay:


This Rifle was created as a ranged Weapon for mobile snipers, but in practice, it was outperformed by other Rifles and Machine Guns. To resolve this issue, we increased the firing range of the Rifle and its damage per shot.


This gun was originally designed for short-range battles. To improve its combat effectiveness, we increased its running speed and firing capabilities while its distance and accuracy are still lower than other guns.


Typically, it was frustrating due to low efficiency before full spin. We improved shooting accuracy and slightly reduced spin-up time while keeping maximum parameters untouched.


The Shotgun was too powerful and unbalanced especially because different Operators have various health levels, and some die in one shot while some take two. The damage was reduced so it now takes two shots to kill the target in most cases. The XL20's ammo cannot be boosted by Mods anymore — it always has two shells.


The KULT-M now fires in bursts, becoming more effective in long-range firefights. We increased its range and accuracy and fixed a flaw in the shooting mechanics where pauses between bursts did not adjust with an increase in the firerate.


Grenade Launchers' aiming was too noticeable because of the red circle making them less effective in combat. The new design hides the Launcher's aim area until after the shot, giving the opponents time to react to the threat.

MACK & K1914

First of all, we are adding Mods to these Secondaries. Due to that, their base stats had to be decreased a bit to avoid making them too overpowered. With Mods equipped, however, both of the guns will be slightly more effective than before — while also letting you customize your playstyle with them.

One-shots and Dodge

To improve the gameplay and give you the chance to outplay the opponents, the aim remains fixed on the dodging target. At the same time, Dodge still gives immunity to damage, allowing to counter Shotguns and Melee Weapons more effectively. Evading a single XL20 shot will likely save your life, leaving the enemy with half-empty ammo. However, it almost won’t affect rapid-fire Weapons.

Chen Li

The DOOM-INJECT.25 Rifle now applies the bleeding effect to Chen Li even if the bullet was deflected.