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It's time to make Clans better!

The Tacticool Brotherhood Program has officially been out of beta and comes packed with exciting new features! It's a unique opportunity designed for Clan Presidents and their Vice Presidents to unite players and engage new active members. Whether you're looking to host epic contests and tournaments, manage your Clan more efficiently, or earn extra benefits, we've got you covered. Brotherhood has the following:
  • Three Tiers: Reach new heights that come with different benefits.
  • Community Competitions: During the beta, we successfully hosted three thrilling competitions, bringing our community even closer, and it's not the finals.
  • Support and promotion: Grow your Clan, engage with other Presidents, and enjoy the rewards exclusive to Brotherhood members.
Start creating your own community and finding friends to play with — join the Brotherhood today and make Clans as a place to have fun! Get more details on the official page.