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How we improve Tacticool maps

We strive to improve all aspects of Tacticool gameplay, and one of our development directions for 2023 is game maps. This article explains how we design Maps and outlines the changes waiting for you in the nearest future.

Main focus

1. Unique features. Each map should provide players with a memorable experience and evoke emotions.

2. Balanced sides. Both teams should have equal opportunities on the map.

3. Game pace. We strive to create engaging and dynamic gameplay on every map.

4. Scale. Objects and combat zones should consider possible movement routes, firing distances for all weapons, etc.

5. Clear visual language. It's important that players understand where different objects are located, such as windows, stairs, shelters, and more. They should be able to quickly identify such places for tactical advantage.

6. Navigation. We create memorable zones and directions to guide to the most interesting areas of the map.

7. Convenience and comfort. We aim to make the game satisfying and ensure that players do not get stuck in dead ends, corners, and other areas of the map.

How we decide what to improve on a map

As a rule, we adjust levels based on feedback from players or our own research. Recently, our programmers developed a special tool for analyzing game maps. With it, we can collect more information about how players use locations in real matches.

After examining the data, the Tacticool team will rework the maps based on actual user gameplay, correcting any disturbing or problematic areas.
The heat map displays the paths of vehicles used during a series of matches.
The heat map displays the locations of the Smart Bomb activated during a series of matches.

Future changes to Control Village

A month ago, we analyzed the Control Village map and made the following corrections:

  • Moved the sniper spot on the attackers' side to provide a greater range for shooting Point B. Now it is better protected!
  • Adjusted the defenders' vantage point to let snipers cover Point A more effectively.
  • Smoothed out the ramp angles at point B so that cars can drive up the platform easier.
  • Removed several partitions and obstacles at points A and B to allow driving cars around the Points.
  • Added more defensive positions at point B to give the attacking side a better chance of holding the point.
  • Upgraded the fortification from the attackers' side at point A, providing more room for maneuvering.
  • Improved map graphics for clearer visuals.
  • Increased the fog distance to avoid obstructing the view while driving a car or firing a sniper rifle.
  • Removed several dead ends at point B for better dynamics and movement around the platform.

We will continue to work on improving the Maps, analyzing their playability, and making changes to provide more exciting gameplay.

The reworked Village Control map will be introduced in the nearest update. Try it out, play matches, and share your impressions with us - we will be waiting for your comments!