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Operators, the Snow Mutator has arrived, and it's about to turn the game upside down. Get ready for a battle like no other, where neatness, strategy, and a little bit of luck will be the keys to the win!

Ice Cold Calculations

The frozen terrain is a minefield, where one misstep can mean disaster. But don't let that stop you — use the frost to your advantage by outmaneuvering your opponents and catching them off guard. And keep an eye out for those ice streaks — they might just be the difference between victory and defeat.

Rapid Fire Response

Assault rifles are the answer to the Snow Mutator's challenges, with a 30% increase in rate of fire that will let you respond to threats in real-time.

Guerilla Tactics

Reloading just got a whole lot more critical. For 4 seconds after you reload, your movement speed will increase, giving you a narrow window of opportunity to outflank and outmaneuver your opponents. Use it wisely.

Frosty Focus

With sniper range reduced, you'll need to be quick on the draw to take out your enemies. Ditch the long-range weapons and focus on the assault rifles that can take advantage of the increased rate of fire.

Stay focused, stay sharp, and you'll emerge victorious. Will you be the last one standing on the frozen battlefield, or just a frozen footnote in history?
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