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Meet an improved weapons system including simpler upgrades and badass guns. And a new map full of furious zombies, tactical ambushes and hidden corners. A double treat for real tacticoolers!

Interested? Read the details:

New Map: Uchebnaya Station (Capture the Bag)
• Alert! A subway train has crashed on the Uchebnaya Station. Investigate the crash site immediately. They say something strange is happening on that train...
• Available from 3,850 Rating.

New Weapons System
• A major armory overhaul is already here. Meet unique gameplay mechanics and brand-new weapon arsenal — for the first time in Tacticool history!
• Added weapons: M16 Assault Rifle, M45XS SMG, SCAR SSR Sniper Rifle, PK Machine Gun, M20 Shotgun. Grab them in combat rewards after matches!
• Spend Silver and Weapon Parts on upgrades, rank up your favorite gun and use it to win at any Rating!

Chasing Rarities
• Use Tokens to win valuable presents: EMP Grenade, Injector Prototype — or one of the new weapons. This is your lucky day!
• Available from 500 Rating.

• SMS41: Now the damage depends on the shot distance. Long-range targets receive less damage.

Bug fixes and general improvements:
• Brought back push notifications for new Daily and Club Missions.
• Added a unique squad emblem for Charon.
• Fixed incorrect Common Mod display in Loadouts during respawn.
• Fixed UI layout for the Free Gold tab in certain localizations.
• Fixed a bug with incorrect SMS41 laser display during quick turns.
• Fixed a bug where bots would get stuck in some spots of the Village (Control) map.
• Optimized RAM consumption.
• Descent: Fixed a bug where the camera would not shake during the platform movement.
• Android: Fixed a bug where the frame rate would not sync with the display refresh rate.
• PC: Improved field of view limits on widescreen displays.