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Learn more about how to extinguish the fire, explanations about Mods' tree, Weapons, Operators and their Talents. Read some tips below and become a more skilled player with ease!

How to extinguish the fire?

You can use smoke to do that. It’s when smoke grenades and Zloy’s smoke come in handy. You can also roll to put the fire out. Please note: most of the operators presented in the game can roll, however there are few exceptions.

The Epic weapon mod in the middle of the weapon mod tree won’t unlock even though you’ve unlocked all the mods prior to that on that particular branch?

Please ensure to unlock the rest of the mods located on all the branches of the tree. Once you do that you will be able to unlock the desired Epic weapon mod.

Where’s the Flamethrower that I just obtained?

You can find the Flamethrower in the Secondary weapon section, in Prototypes. Please note: JB cannot use that weapon since he can operate Primary weapons only.

How does mounting affect XO-300?

Though it won’t increase the damage you will get the following bonuses:
  • +35% range
  • +200% firerate
  • +7% aim area
  • -25% heating rate
  • +60% cooling rate

Moreover, you will be able to shoot through smoke.

Does Adjusted Fire duration affect all the weapons presented in the game?

Adjusted Fire Duration — determines the time until full weapon accuracy loss during rapid fire. It affects almost all of them except for prototypes, sniper rifles and machine guns.

Will the +30% clip capacity talent have any effect on the Flamethrower?

No. It won’t

Can I destroy the Sentry turret with just one hit?

You sure can. Just use a melee weapon.

How to disable the Sentry turret?

Just throw an EMP-grenade at it. The turret will stop aiming and will cease the fire immediately. The effect is only temporary, though.

How do Spencer's Painkillers work?

The talent will double Spencer's regeneration speed, it won’t reduce the delay before the operator starts to regenerate, though.

How does Syndrome’s Soulless talent work?

Syndrome will restore 10% of his health every time he is debuffed. Though you will restore some health points, the negative status won’t wear off that easily.

Please note: Syndrome is healed only at the moment when the burning or other negative effect kicks in. For example, if Syndrome already keeps on burning he won’t be continuously restoring his health points. He will restore some of his health points only at the moment when the burning effect kicks in. The action will be repeated if the burning effect is applied again, though.

The negative effects are: stun, bleeding, gas poisoning, burning etc.

Are there any ways to gift an Elite Battle Pass to my friend?

Surely! Follow these steps:
  • Go to our official Market
  • Find and press on the slot with the Elite Battle Pass
  • Press “Buy”. You will be shown a window where you can choose one of your accounts. Instead of choosing one of them, click on “Add new account ID
  • Leave the window open and launch the game
  • Tap on the tree stripes, tap on the Friends section
  • Pick the friend you want to send an Elite Battle Pass to
  • Tap on their nickname, go to PROFILE. You will be shown a web page
  • You can find your friend’s Public ID in the upper left corner
  • Now copy the Public ID by tapping on it once
  • Get back to the Market’s window
  • Paste what you’ve copied into the Game Account ID field and click on “Continue”
  • Complete the purchase

I’ve purchased 2 Elite Battle Passes through the Market this month and I just activated one of them. Will I be able to activate the other one next month?

No. You won’t be able to activate it next month. Elite Battle Passes won’t stack up. If you open the message with the other Elite Battle Pass right now you will be given only the VIP-points that come along with it. If you do exactly the same next month the VIP-points will be converted to silver coins once open.

We've made this article by the most popular questions from the players and it's not the last. More useful info next time, stay tuned!