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Community Feedback: December

We get a lot of different feedback from you, and it's time to reply to some of it. More soon!

There are no ways to counter Apollon with the C4 and the new Flamethrower, not even with smoke, maybe with SMS, but it's ridiculous. It became difficult to aim at enemies standing on rooftops the entire game.

We are aware that Apollon stands out a bit too much right now. Soon, there will be changes that should make facing him a bit easier. Meanwhile, don’t forget that he is quite vulnerable while flying. He has no dodging and can't deal with fire, also he is facing problems while bleeding, because it depends on the distance travelled.

Just as grenades and rockets, fire from Molotov and Flamethrower should damage ALL players, no matter what team they belong to.

Unlike rockets, grenades or even razor wire, fire has a rather unpredictable spread pattern and long duration, making it difficult to use and playing into the hands of unscrupulous players - like with Charon and C4 in Descent mode. Enabling friendly damage for it would drastically affect its viability, so for now, we think it's best for it to work the same way as gas in that regard.

Can you create a button that links directly to the Discord's server of the Clan? Each President can choose to put this link.

There are restrictions on links in the game because some players can exploit this and scam. We are considering custom links/buttons for large/outstanding Сlans.

Apollon's unlimited EMP made Zloy practically useless, and now Molotov kills him instantly. You're making old Operators more useless with every update.

The game should not stand still to develop. That's why we regularly release new content that hasn't been in the game yet and add something new to the gameplay. We want the new content to interact with existing mechanics - some stronger, some weaker, etc. For example, fire goes out in smoke and water, explodes gas, moves with explosions and other physics. When you add new to a familiar formula, the balance changes and it's hard to do anything about it - except stop developing new things, but stagnation is bad. In terms of balance, there can be rough edges when releasing new content. Players often find more creative ways to use mechanics than we do during development and testing. We analyze balance data, feedback and take it into account during development.

Nerf the Flamethrower or make it a primary weapon because it's much more powerful than some of them.

Our idea is to make secondary weapons as necessary as primary, because the cost to get and upgrade them is the same. We plan to add more secondary weapons, so that each of them will fit certain game situations, have advantages and weaknesses against different Operators.

Facing crashes and bugs. There are problems with finding the server, disconnects, in the Descent mode boss shoots through the textures. Are there any improvements planned for the technical part of the game?

We are developing a lot of things. For example, changed the weapon and Operators upgrade system, launching temporary events regularly, adding new content, relaunching Descent, Battle Royale and more. We're releasing more updates than ever before. This approach has made game quality more acute. And improving the technical state of the game is one of our major priorities. Not immediately, but systematically, we will fix all the most critical problems.

There are a lot of unnecessary weapons that turned Tacticool into a Randomticool. Need to remove the broken stuff from the game: SMS, Apollon, Flamethrower, Smart bomb, Molotov, Anton, Kapitz-a, Landau cannon.

Removing it is too radical a decision. Players spent a lot of effort and money to get them. But we are going to pay attention and make changes soon.

Recently, the game has been releasing a lot of content and players haven't had funds to purchase Operators, weapons and upgrades due to the high cost of upgrades.

Comparing the game with the way content received and upgraded before, it has become easier. Now, players can get almost every Operator, including Epic, as rewards after a match or during promotions by using Gold, which they can receive through Clan missions. You can receive any parts of the upgrades for free. Previously, it was almost impossible to level up Epic Operators by playing a match. We check the progress of players and try different ways on how to give a content and the speed of it. We are looking for a balance between the speed of upgrading and the fun, which will suit the players and will not harm the current game economy.

Matchmaking finds me opponents that do not match my level or bots, which is not interesting. At the high level, I can play only 3-4 matches per hour.

We are checking the state of matchmaking and it does not satisfy us with it in its current form. Our team is planning to improve the algorithm that will affect matches with players and count the rating better. It should make the matchmaking better and create motivation to play in higher ranks. As soon as there is an update, we will collect feedback and share statistics.