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New Special Weapon: Sentry Turret

Tired of running around? Let the bullets come to you! Say hello to our latest marvel, the Sentry Turret - your loyal battlefield companion, now available in the New Battle Pass! This isn't your ordinary umbrella stand, folks; it's your personal guardian angel in metal and firepower. 🤖💥

What's the Catch?

🐟 No fishy business here, just some Tacticool April Fools' fun! Are we serious about the Sentry Turret? Absolutely... or are we? Remember, in Tacticool, the only fool is the one caught off guard!

The Art of Deception:

  • Always Ready: Our Sentry Turret doesn’t sleep, doesn’t eat, and most importantly, doesn’t negotiate with enemies. It’s the most reliable teammate you'll never have to revive!
  • 360° Protection: With its revolutionary 360-degree surveillance, it’s like having eyes in the back of your head... if the eyes could shoot bullets, that is.
  • April Fools' Special: And here’s the kicker - it comes equipped with the latest in “confetti ammo” technology. Enemies will be so confused; they won’t know whether to run or start a party!
Gear up, strategize, and maybe... just maybe, add a touch of the extraordinary to your arsenal. Are you ready to dominate the battlefield with some serious (or not so serious) firepower? Dive into the New Battle Pass and find out if the Sentry Turret is fact or fiction! Go get the Battle Pass.
But remember... in Tacticool, every day could be April Fool's Day. 😜👾