Tacticool Message Board


You often share your opinion about the performance of Tacticool Weapons, while we carefully collect your feedback and use it to improve the game. As always, our goal is to create a balanced and fair gameplay experience for all players. We decided to share our plans for weapon rebalancing to hear your views on the upcoming changes.

Flash Grenade

The Flash Grenade has been a highly effective tool that can block most Operator action. To balance its effect, we will allow players to perform some stuff while blinded: to dodge, change weapons, reload weapons, and perform melee attacks.

XL20 Shotgun

The XL20 Shotgun is a formidable weapon, and we've been closely monitoring its performance in battles. We don't want to rush with any adjustments, as our recent changes to the dodge mechanics and reduced ammo capacity have delivered decent results. In future balance updates, we'll be focusing on underperforming weapons to make them more competitive and efficient in their niche.


The DOOM INJECT .25 sniper rifle is underpowered compared to other rifles, especially when firing multiple shots at the same target. Each bullet deals insignificant damage,and refreshes the bleeding effect. To handle this, we'll slightly increase the bleeding damage, and the effect will intensify with each successive hit. This change will help make the DOOM INJECT .25 a more viable option in battles.

XO-300 Machine Gun

The XO-300 Machine Gun was initially positioned as a suppression weapon which can shoot without aiming and through smoke, but its current condition doesn't fully qualify for its intended role. We plan to modify the shooting and aiming algorithm to make this Gun more effective when firing from elevated positions or through smoke.


Despite recent buffs, the KLTR SMG still performs sub-optimally. To enhance its effectiveness at medium range, we intend to slightly increase its shooting damage and rate of fire. This change will make the KLTR SMG a more prospective choice

Razor Wire

While Razor Wire does offer unique tactical opportunities, it has struggled to fit the battlefield. To enhance its flexibility and efficacy, increase its maximum charges from 1 to 2. This change will open up possibilities for new tactics and alternative approaches to combat on familiar maps, such as setting up defenses around Control points in Control mode or blocking pathways to protect teammates holding the Red Bag.

We hope these adjustments will make your battles even more thrilling and challenging. As always, we'll keep listening to your feedback and make adjustments accordingly. Now tell us what you think about the upcoming changes!