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The biggest sale of the year has begun! Dive into the world of exciting deals and huge discounts, earn presents for your purchases, and get a chance to win the latest Secondary Weapon — MRA3-6 Flamethrower. Things are about to get very, very hot!

In-Game Event: Black Friday

• Don’t miss unique offers on Operators, Weapons and Special Weapons, and useful resources with discounts up to 90%. It’s never been more profitable!
• Prize Bingo is back! The best items, attractive prices, and gifts are here. Unlock all Bingo prizes to get a super bonus — an animated Outfit for Miro, “Yakuza”!
• Buy Toxicoins and use them in the special section of the Shop. Intel, Gold, Outfits, and many other valuables are already waiting for you!
• Take a ride on the “Fire Carousel”! Exchange special Tokens for random rewards, as well as a chance to win the grand prize...

New Secondary Weapon: Flamethrower MRA3-6

• Express your fiery feelings with this toy, capable of pushing back the most aggressive onslaught. Engulf the flanks in flames, set up ambushes, and catch enemies in a blazing inferno. There’ll be no escape!
• Enemies caught you off guard? Don’t forget that the fuel tank can explode — a perfect opportunity to send enemies a red-hot greeting from the other world.
• Temporarily available in the limited offer “Fire Carousel.”
Added content for the next Battle Pass