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New Update: OPERATION G.R.A.N.D.

The legendary Event is back! Complete missions, upgrade your GRAND PASS and receive valuable rewards for battle achievements. Read the details and join the Operation!

In-game Event: Operation G.R.A.N.D.

• Soldier, we've got a job for you! Complete new awesome Event Missions, boost your GRAND PASS Level and earn valuable rewards for your combat achievements. New Avatar is waiting for the bravest — you!
• Want even more? Unlock an extra Tier of GRAND PASS and get the most out of it.
• Available from 1,000 Rating.

Bug Fixes & General Improvements

• Improved in-game sound effects.
• Fixed a bug where disconnecting a controller would unbind controls for Special Weapons.
• Fixed a bug where the Prototype button localization was displayed incorrectly.
What are you waiting for? Update the game and join the fun now: https://tacticool.onelink.me/cQHH/GRAND