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Tacti Bot Giveaway Results

Our Tacti Giveaway is over, check the results and statistics below!
Since the bot's launch, 2969 players have linked their accounts, 569 of them after the giveaway started and 845 have used the /view command since the last update. And here are the 10 lucky winners of 5,000 Gold:

  • MR. O and ♧♧♧
  • ſᵐˣ AStone and Sᴍᴀ¡ʟ★ᶳᶹ₅₇Z
  • Tr0k and JessicaRabbit
  • ſᵐˣ HK-32 and ЧВК
  • YUkitsune and TINTINᴾᵉᵖᵉ

We will add Gold to your in-game accounts this week. Congratulations! If you are interested in adding this useful bot to your Discord server, follow the link.