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New Update: DANCE FEVER 23

Everybody dance now! Opening new season of our hit event. Look for special platforms on your fav maps, dance with friends, collect Hearts and get badass rewards.

Can you collect aaaallll the moves and rise to the top? Show your best!

In-game Event: DANCE FEVER

• When your soul yearns to dance, look for special platforms on the maps and show your moves! Even the toughest Operators need to have fun once in a while!
• Play your favorite modes, complete Missions and earn Hearts during the entire event. The more you collect, the more DISCO PASS rewards you unlock!
• Buy Taunts right from the Emotions screen! You'll love the prices, promise.
• Play with friends and earn more! Combat rewards are increased for Squads during the event!

Bug fixes and general improvements

• Minor UI improvements.
• Fixed a bug where the Battle Pass offers didn't contain info about VIP Points.
• Fixed a bug where the “Oriental Greeting” Taunt could not be interrupted.
• Fixed a bug where disconnecting a controller would unbind controls.
• Fixed a bug where Miro’s Talents would not affect M79 gas grenades.
• Battle Royale: Fixed a bug where Operators would get stuck in the water.