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In-Game Event: Darktober 2023

• Descent is evolving! The latest version of the Mode has special rules that change every week. Zone 39 still has lots of surprises in store for you.
• Play however you want! Try out the revamped upgrades and explore completely new enhancements at the Laboratory so you can find a way out of even the most intense situation. Experiment, survive, and win.
• Even more dangers! Introducing a new difficulty level for players who want to take it the extreme. Can you overcome hordes of bloodthirsty infected and earn exclusive rewards? Give it your all!
• Tons of trophies and prizes are waiting for you! Complete new challenges, level up your DARK PASS, enter the Event Marathon, and reach your goals along with the community to earn valuable gifts.
Available to players with a Rating of 1,000 and above.

New Special Weapon: Molotov Cocktail

• Light ‘em up! The long-awaited incendiary has finally come to Tacticool. Toss Molotovs at your enemies. You can use them offensively or to cover crucial corridors when defending. That’s all there is to it, so go ahead and burn it all down!
• Will be available in the next Battle Pass.