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Community Feedback: February

As before, it's a tradition to collect and respond to your latest feedback. In this article, we mentioned the work on the flame and Apollon balance, Tactistats and other things that concern you. Read it, because it's exactly what's being discussed in our community right now.

You should make a new game mode that will allow us to ban certain Weapons and Operators. I no longer want to be killed with fire by a flying, unkillable Operator. After his jumps, there should be at least 3 second delay before he can jump again.

We are going to change the characteristics of Apollon and Flamethrower in the upcoming update. We hope that this will change the current situation on the battlefield a bit. Our plan is to decrease his ability to stay in the air for long periods of time significantly. This should make matches against him much more comfortable.

As for the ban feature - we will think about this proposal, but we can't promise anything yet.

Please, can you stop spamming us with pop-ups when we are trying to navigate the game menus! It's so frustrating trying to do something and a pop-up appears and we can't do anything until we close it!

Our team is constantly working on improving the visuals and usability of pop-ups and various menus in the game. We hope that the changes we have planned in the next updates will bring you a better gaming experience.

Most of the players hate the Puzzle pieces feature for Operators. It’s already difficult enough to save Silver and Gold. Now we have to either spend more money or wait long periods of time to receive pieces for upgrades randomly.

The team monitoring the game economy and balance, discussing different options for getting resources and ways to improve Operators. This year, the team has planned several updates that will improve the user experience and hopefully make the process more convenient.

It is necessary to improve the JB Talent called Good Genetics to work with fire and poison.

We'll definitely pay attention to Talents and periodic effects like bleed and poison, and try to update them to match with the current game mechanics.

Old, made by fan Tactistats website has officially closed. That platform was the only way we could manage our Clans properly. Bring us an official Tactistats.

The team is working hard to relaunch the Tactistats service on our portal. Stay tuned in the coming weeks.