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New Feature: Creator's Codes

Support your favorite Tacticool Content Creator!

We're thrilled to introduce the Creator's Codes as part of our Creator's Program! This useful feature is about supporting and growing together with your favorite channels in the Tacticool community.
  • Support Your Favorite Creators: Every time you make a purchase on the Market using a Creator's Code from one of channels, the owner will receive 10% of the revenue. Yes, you heard that right! Your purchases now directly support Creators who bring so much energy and entertainment to the Tacticool.
  • Strengthen the Community: This feature is all about building a supportive place. By participating, you're directly contributing to the growth and sustainability of the Content Creators who keep the Tacticool realm lively and engaging.

How to support

  • Find a Creator's Code: Look out for your favorite Tacticool YouTube channels announcing their unique codes, in the descriptions or on our official Creator Program page.
  • Enter the Code: Before making a purchase on the Market, make sure to enter your chosen Creator's Code. You'll see the form to enter codes right after you choose the item and in-game ID.
  • Enjoy & Support: With every purchase, you not only enhance your own gaming experience but also help the Creators who make Tacticool one of the most exciting games out there!

Let's make Tacticool not just a game to play, but a community to belong to. Your support can make a big difference for many talented Creators. Keep in mind that codes are only available for SOLDIER and higher Tiers and not for all items yet. More instructions you'll find here or by contacting our Support team.