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Operators System Overhaul

The Operators system overhaul is coming soon! Our final preparations for the release are already underway. Here are some essential details on what will change in the game and what will happen to your Operators.

Rarity and Health System

Previously, Common and Uncommon Operators quickly found themselves out of work due to their low HP, making them unable to compete with higher rarity warriors. In pursuit to restore balance, we have entirely reworked the rarity and health system so that any Operator could potentially be viable at any stage of the game. Now, initial and maximum HP values for all heroes are equal, meaning even the Rookie can show exceptional survivability!

The following chart shows how HP was distributed between Operators in the past and how it will work in the new system.

Upgrades and Levels

The upgrade system for Operators will be similar to that of weapons: each Operator has 10 ranks, and each rank has 10 levels, resulting in a total of 100 levels for a full upgrade. Therefore, upgrading any Operator to level 100 will cost the same as buying and fully upgrading an Epic Operator in the old system.

Level Recalculation

Don't worry that your favorite Operator will become weaker. We will recalculate the levels according to a special formula without any loss of gameplay quality!

If you haven’t unlocked an Operator, but have Shards for them, you will be able to pick one fighter of that rarity. For every 25 Shards, your chosen hero will be upgraded to a certain level.

Unlocking Operators

After the update, all Operators, including Epic, will be available as match rewards — you can get one simply by playing the game! Upon reaching a certain Rating, you will unlock the chance to get Operators of new rarity.

Operator Stats

Previously, unlocking new Operators provided little new experience, as it simply improved the parameters of the previous rarity Ops.

In the upcoming update, we have added truly unique abilities to all Common, Uncommon, and some Rare Operators for more diverse gameplay and additional strategic options.


Operators will no longer be lone wolves. We have divided them into four factions, each with its own relationship to the others. Each faction has its personal history and goals reflected in unique tasks both in daily activities, in club and clan events.

We will be revealing the story and relationships of the factions through events and other mechanics step by step.

That's all for now! What do you think about this new system? Share your thoughts — they are important for us to enhance your Tacticool experience.

Stay tuned for more interesting details about the upcoming update!