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Community Feedback: October

You ask, we answer! From now on, we are planning to post a regular compilation of your feedback and our replies to it. The first one is already available. Read below!

Allow Miro to carry a maximum of two flash grenades rather than three.

Just recently, we have already made significant changes to the mechanics of Flash Grenade. We are now monitoring and analyzing the stats. In one of the next updates, we will try to level up the effectiveness of Operators (as we did recently with Weapons). Miro might change or other Operators could become stronger, making it less challenging.

Add account anniversary gifts. I've been playing since 2018 and still haven't been able to max out the operators due to upgrades and cost.

Lately we have been launching more in-game currency sales and in-game events where you can get various valuables for free. When you actively take part in events, you gain more resources, making your progress more efficient. We do not plan to give away highest level operators, as it would disrupt the game's economy.

Add a rematch button. This will help speed up the matching process as these two teams are already matched, but will not affect the long wait time for matching players as there will be a maximum of 2 rematches (3 games in total).

We like this suggestion and want to implement similar ideas as we improve the matchmaking feature.

There used to be a VIP tree that worked fantastically and was loved by everyone who paid. Maybe you can change this and bring back the tree we loved before the update.

We are trying out different VIP Tree formats to benefit both new and experienced players of Tacticool. We've released a Linear tree where players can choose only the rewards they need. Now you don't have to get a Hat in order to get Gold again. It's possible to get certain rewards more than once, so most purchases give the way to the right gift for the players in the VIP tree.

An injection should not work on Moses' second breath.

Yes, the synergy of Moses and Injector is not the most pleasant experience, especially if there are several of them as well. We have already paid attention to it and will try to release a balanced solution in one of the next updates.