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Community Feedback: June

We answered on topics like Klaus in Descent Mode, Parts limits, physics damage, balance, Apollon in Battle Royale, and Smart Bombs. Keep sending your suggestions and sharing thoughts on Discord in the #suggestions channel as briefly as possible, in 1-2 topic formats in one message. It is easier for us to collect and answer on it.

Klaus needs an improvement in Descent Mode. He should do at least 20% damage to Alpha with his 10th Talent. Now he makes only 6% damage to Alpha. Maxed Operator should have an advantage; otherwise, upgrading it is pointless.

Currently, Klaus's Talent damage in Descent mode is capped at 300% of the Operator's health. We will increase this limit. However, don't expect to take down Alpha with just a couple of melee hits.

With all the nerfing of the Operators, I think we should be able to save more Universal Parts than 5,000. I suggest it should be increased to 25,000 or at least 10,000.

The current game economy doesn't allow us to increase the limit. However, we're working on other improvements that will affect progression in the future.

Change physics damage, make smaller objects do damage but larger objects kill instantly.

Technically, physical objects don't deal damage at the moment. They either kill or don't kill. Killing with physics has seemingly become something of a meme, where you can take out an opponent (or ally) with a well-aimed grenade throw to the head. Essentially, implementing the system you're suggesting would take a significant amount of time, and it wouldn't add much positive experience. But we'll think about how we can reduce the number of frustrating moments caused by deaths from small objects.

Apollon and Smart bomb should be banned from the Battle Royale. Playing on Apollon is no skill and is just camping on the roof of the building, sniping with FR USTR-8/AW and spamming Smart Bombs, while you can't even see who's on the top and can't kill him. Smart Bombs are even worse because it doesn't allow you to heal and help the enemy track you down. 1 wrong dodge = you are dead.

Yeah, it's not a pretty situation. We'll address this issue shortly.

Rebalance some Operators like Owen. He has 9,555 HP, which is enormous, especially given the Talents he has. Syndrome, ditto a lot of life and we barely tickle him when he uses his 10th Talent. Miro, who has the Talent to resist the Flash Grenade before, now receiving the damage. It should also undergo a change.

It’s not correct to compare Operators with one parameter. Yes, they have 25% more health than others. But others have a +60% fire rate, or +30% movement speed and a lot of resistances, or shield against bullets and automatic stun of enemies around, and so on. We should consider everything complexly. We're keeping a close eye on the situation, and we may lower some characteristics of these Operators a bit, but it's unlikely that it will be their amount of health.

Remove Smart Bomb from the bots’ loadout. When the bots spam it at the same time, you can’t run away from 2 of them chasing you, especially in crucial moments like when you’re running with the bag or capturing a point.

It seems like this could be exactly how players might behave, making it a fairly normal gameplay situation. Additionally, if the opposing team has a lot of Smart Bombs, one option is to switch to a loadout that includes Missile Defence or fire, or an Operator with Talents for eliminating devices.