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Tacti Bot Feature Update & Giveaway!

The new feature for Tacti is out and we are ready to introduce it and start the giveaway related to this update. Take a seat and read all the things below!

Tacti - Discord Integration with Tacticool

We are excited to announce our partnership with ThetaBird's latest release of Tacti - the largest Tacticool Discord bot! Since its initial release in early 2020, Tacti has generated over 80,000 unique sets of operator placement instructions for over 450 Tacticool servers across Discord. Today's Tacti update features integrations with TactiStats and Player's Club to bring you more features than ever!

Linking & Viewing Tacticool Accounts

Users can now link their Tacticool accounts to Discord and view player stats from any server that contains the bot!

Automated Role & Username Assignments

Tacti can assist with Clan server management by automatically assigning roles and usernames based on users' linked accounts. Want to know who's online? There's a role for that. Want to know who's in a specific Clan? There's another role for that. Want to know who has 0 points in your Clan's cycle? There's yet another role for that as well, and the list goes on with more to come - all configurable by Clan and server leadership, right on your servers, in near real-time.

Clan Metrics

Tacti actively tracks millions of data points and combines them into a condensed set of metric dashboards on your servers. Want to see if you're on track for Clan missions, view the best and worst Clan performers, list online teammates, and more? It's all available and updated every minute - and if you want something not on the list, make a suggestion!

Improved User Experience

Tacti now uses Discord's latest features to give you the most trendy experience available on a Discord bot. Operator placements of all languages are now hosted in one “/generate” command, and all other Tacti features make use of components and modals for straightforward interaction. More advanced features make use of custom menus, available in custom commands built for you.


Go to our official Discord server and check the latest post related to the Tacti in the Message Board channel to find the instructions and take part in the giveaway.
To add Tacti to your server follow this link.