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Community Feedback: January

Monthly answers to your feedback are out! Thank you all for the comments. Keep sending them and we will answer some in February.

A Secondary Weapon is meant to be used as support! Flamethrower is more powerful than all Primary Weapons.

Flamethrower is indeed overpowered and too versatile right now. We'll modify its stats to ensure it stays unique and fun to use but feels more fair and balanced.

Ban Apollon and Flamethrower from Battle Royal. There is no more fun!

We are looking for ways to improve the game experience in the next updates. However, banning Operators or Weapons doesn't seem like the best solution.

Add the option to access Squad chat while searching for a match.

The team is planning to redesign the top of the non-gameplay screens and add voice and chat to it. This will allow you to read messages and chat from any in-game screen.

Add a 4th Loadout slot.

We want to add a 4th slot, but it's harder than it looks. First, we need to improve the technical aspects of the game client so that adding a new slot does not affect the performance of the game — and the work is in progress.

Could you make upgrading weapons and Operators cheaper, like everything that is required for it: Silver, Gold, Mods?

We are constantly working on the progression speed, and the game is already much easier in that sense compared to before. Players can now receive almost every Operator, Epics included, and upgrade parts as combat rewards. Most equipment can be purchased during temporary promos for Gold, which you earn through Clan Missions. Just a year ago, none of this was possible.

Of course, changes have to be made carefully to not harm the game's economy. We will keep analyzing and improving our progression systems and the ways content is unlocked or upgraded.

Are there plans to add 6 and 10 Talents for Operators who didn't get new Talents? Hawk and Spencer received these a few months ago.

Of course! We originally thought of releasing new Talents along with visual updates to Operators. Later we realised that it's not very easy to combine them. And already, in one of the next updates, we will add Level 6 and 10 Talents to several Operators. After that, our plan is to add Talents to others with boring Talent trees about every 2 updates. And we also want to change some Talents that have extremely low effectiveness and popularity.