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Gun rebalancing

• Flash Grenade: You can now dodge, switch weapons, reload, and use melee weapons when blinded.

• Razor Wire: You can now place two barricades instead of one, making your defenses more effective.

• DOOM-INJECT .25 RIFLE: Bleeding damage increased. Repeated hits on the same target will not only restart the bleeding countdown but also increase bleeding damage.

• XO-300 MACHINEGUN: You can now shoot through smoke effectively, just like you were originally supposed to.

• KLTR SMG: Accuracy increased.

Bug fixes and general improvements:

• Added a Mission where the player joins our Discord server.

• Reduced the number of objects on bases on the Zone 39 map (Control) so the player won’t get stuck when respawning.

• Fixed a bug that caused a player who purchased a Battle Pass to be unable to collect VIP points from the email if they already had an active Battle Pass.

• Fixed a bug that caused Apollon’s jet pack to disappear if the Operator picked up a red bag.

• Battle Royale: Fixed a bug that caused bots to get stuck on the trailer on the map.