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Dive into the fun—Operation GRAND: Summer Season is your chance to showcase bold strategies and unique combat skills. Gear up with your best equipment, join the thrilling event from June 3 to 26, and prove who rules the battlefield!

In-Game Event: Operation GRAND: Summer Season

  • Take part in new daily Operation Missions. It's a great opportunity to earn tons of rewards!
  • Enjoy Descent and Battle Royale modes throughout the entire event!
  • Compete in the Clan Race for unique rewards and earn a Collectible Hat for your achievements. It's time to dress to impress!
  • Complete 30 levels in the Event Pass, grab exclusive Outfits and new Operators, and dominate the battlefield. Complete 100 levels and claim extra rewards.
  • Take on the challenge and participate in the 15-day Event Marathon for a chance to contribute to the three stages of Community Goal.
  • The Operation is available to all players with a rating of 500 and above.

Exclusive Collectible Items

  • Shield yourself from the heat and don't miss your chance to grab the Event Collectible Hat: "Summer Vibe".
  • Customize your profile with Collectible Event Avatars to highlight your individuality.

New Primary Weapon

Expand your arsenal and tactical capabilities with the new weapon! Aim and fire at targets behind obstacles. Shoot through opponents and other objects on the battlefield. Remember, accuracy and damage decrease in such cases. However, the FERRET-A deals full damage to Operators behind shields. Keep this in mind during intense battles. With this weapon in hand, you have every chance to change the course of the fight! When firing in smoke or through objects, the weapon has the following characteristics:
  • -60% damage.
  • -60% accuracy.
  • For Miro in the smoke, these characteristics are only reduced when shooting through walls.

Weapon Balance

Shotgun UU10
  • Range reduced from 8.8 to 8.2
AW and FR USTR8 Sniper Rifles
  • Standing aim area reduced by -41%
  • Crouching aim area reduced by -35%

Bug Fixes

  • Adjusted Owen’s Dash, allowing him to effectively break through crowds of zombies, pushing them aside.
  • Fixed Owen’s Talent "Pain is just an Illusion". Now, during the dash, the mine does not deal fatal damage.
  • Resolved issues with Chen Li’s Cannon against Missile Defence. Now, Missile Defence is immune to physical impacts from Landau's Cannon and Owen's Dash.