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Upcoming Apollon and Flame Rebalance

Since the release of fire in Tacticool, we have seen many interesting situations of its use and your feedback on it. Now it's time for some changes to make matches more comfortable with this new mechanic. About all of that and Apollon below.

Apollon: Rocket Jump Update

Apollon isn't just about surmounting towering barriers and assuming unique shooting points. He's also equipped to hover midair and commence a battle from above. We're increasing the delay for the Rocket Jump's reuse. This ensures Apollon's air dominance is less overwhelming, fostering fairer dynamics in matches. He keeps his agility, ready to attack from angles unseen, yet players will find gameplay against him slightly more comfortable.
  • Rocket Jump delay increase: 2 → 4.5 seconds
  • Recharge time: 4.5 → 8 seconds

Fire (Flamethrower and Molotov Cocktail)

Fire has proven to be an interesting mechanic with quite a lot of synergies. However, fire currently surpasses gas in both strength and versatility - it can burn gas, blow it away with explosions or other physical impact, whereas fire can only be extinguished with smoke. Additionally, flame spreading mechanisms and areas of effect are notably substantial. With all these advantages, fire also has a fairly extensive area of effect. Therefore, we are reducing some of the flame's characteristics to ensure it doesn't overshadow other gameplay elements.
  • Radius: -15%
  • Duration: -40%
  • Operators receive temporary immunity to burning after dodging to extinguish the fire

Flamethrower MRA3-6

At the moment, the flamethrower is an overly versatile weapon: low reload time, melee death defence, and the ability to share the flame on extensive areas - these factors that make it almost a weapon of choice. We want it to still be an interesting weapon that can deal a lot of damage to groups of enemies from midrange, which is exactly what it was intended to be.
  • Reload time: 10 → 18 seconds
  • Tank Explosion Damage: -20%
  • Turning speed during firing: -20%
  • Mods that increase running speed no longer increase turning speed
These tweaks are part of our ongoing commitment to providing a balanced and thrilling gameplay experience. We're eager to see how these changes improve your tactical play. Don't forget to share your thoughts on our Discord.