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In-game Event: Egg Hunt

  • Join the game daily, complete tasks by yourself or with buddies unlock all the rewards.
  • Play in the unique Egg Hunt Game Mode. Defeat your opponents, collect Eggs falling out of them and win the battle.
  • Enter the Clan Race, level-up the Event Pass, and get exclusive Clan cosmetics. Strength in unity!
  • Suit up and claim Easter-themed Outfits for Diana, Snek and David, as well as unique Collectibles for C4 and Grenade.
  • Collect some bunnies! Don't miss new Weapon Skins: Tactirabbit and 8Bit Bunny.
  • Don't miss the Battle Royale and Descent Modes — they are available throughout the entire Event!
  • Check the Special Shop — it's open and you'll find amazing offers there. Find more Toxicoins on the Market.
  • Complete the Community Goal. Send Gifts to your friends and finish all stages for more resources.
  • Defuse the Bomb. Finish tasks, solve the riddles and find special Codes to get additional rewards. The first riddle will be available on Discord 22.03.2024 during the day. Join our server to not miss the notification about it.

Go to the game, play matches, complete missions and enjoy the Easter. Fill your pockets full of stuff. Don't miss the chance to claim all!