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The Lunar New Year event is here! Introducing exciting Missions, great rewards and gifts, plus a new Operator Phoenix. He's a real grenades aficionado!

In-game Event: Operation PHOENIX

• Lunar New Year is almost here! Complete special Missions, earn Event Points and exchange them for thematic items in the Event Shop.
• Season of giving continues! Send Event Points as gifts to your friends and unlock rewards for the entire community. The best benefactors will receive exclusive prizes!
• Available from 1,000 Rating.

New Epic Operator: Phoenix

• Celebration calls for pyrotechnics! Become a walking firecracker with a unique Cluster Grenade that is always with you thanks to an extra Special Weapon slot.
• Get your enemies from the grave by leaving them a little explosive surprise after death. They're going to remember it for a long time!
• Upgrade your skills through Talents. Drop grenades while dodging or instantly ressurect on after-death kills? You decide!
• Only obtainable in "Chasing Phoenix" (available from 1,000 Rating).

Want to be the first to get this bad boy? Check out our Facebook for the giveaway!

Bug fixes and general improvements

• Improved sound effects in the game.
• Made a few visual changes to the Uchebnaya Station map.
• Fixed a bug where stationary turrets would not deal damage to allies.
• Fixed a bug with incorrect AI behavior on the Old Depot map.
• Fixed a bug with M20 and MGL39 stats not displaying correctly with equipped Mods.
• Fixed a bug with controller force feedback not working.
• Battle Royale: Improved the mode UI.
• PC: Loot window in Battle Royale can now be closed by pressing Esc.
Available now! Jump in, and we'll see you on the battlefield.