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Operators, we are ready for the biggest celebration of the year!

Join us in this holiday event, complete with a long-awaited Heist mode, special Missions, and tons of rewards — both for you and your Clan. Available right now!

In-game Event: Operation SNATCH

• Play your favorite modes, complete Missions and earn Tactibucks during the entire event. The more you collect, the more SNOW PASS rewards you unlock!
• Enter Clan Race together with your friends. The best of the best will be treated with unique winter presents!
• Starts on December 19th, 10:00 UTC.
• Available from 1,000 Rating.

Web Event: Vault Run

• Every workday until the end of the year, new Vaults will open on this page. They contain riddles, giveaways and special offers. Can you loot them all?

New Game Mode: Winter Heist

• Mysterious safes appeared on the maps. What's inside? Well, money, of course! Grab as many stacks as you can and don't let the enemy take your loot. Whoever steals the most wins!
• Available during the Operation SNATCH event only.

Bug Fixes & General Improvements

• Improved the Weapons tab button.
• Improved Weapon stats rounding in the UI.
• Improved visuals of the pop-up screen upon receiving the first Collectible Look.
• Improved visuals of Weapon upgrade offers.
• Fixed a bug where the keys animation on the combat reward screen would repeat after activating the Club Pass.
• Slightly optimized memory consumption.