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Map improvements: Skyscraper

We decided to make changes to the Skyscraper map because it had some issues:
  1. Most battles happened in the central aisle or near the team bases. Other parts of the location were rarely used. We aimed to provide more strategic opportunities.
  2. The spawn areas were too open in the center, making it hard to attack them and putting players in unequal positions.
After thorough work, we solved these concerns without changing the map's overall look. Now, the attacking team will have a fairer chance of beating defenses and retrieving the Bag.

Changes we made

We used a heat map tool to analyze player behavior on the Skyscraper, and here's what we improved:
• Expanded the central room and introduced new alternative routes with cover to encourage more gunfights in the map's center.

• Restructured the upper floor by removing debris, adding defensive elements, connecting rooms, and adding sniper positions. This change adds more impact to controlling the high ground, introducing additional tactical scenarios. In addition, it allows players to overlook the map through sniper spots.

• One of the spawn spots along the central routes had too much open space, making it a challenging target to attack. We've introduced extra cover and a sniper position near the base to increase your odds of successfully retrieving the Bag.

• The sniper spot at the second spawn area was rebuilt, including defensive elements to create a combat zone that mirrors the enemy's side, and balancing them out.

• We've repositioned partitions to give players more space to move around without getting stuck. Also, more covers were added so you have better chances to survive in the location.

• The map received a visual makeover with updated textures of concrete, partitions, and dirt piles. In addition, we've introduced special effects such as flashing lights, steam emissions, moving fans, spotlights, and decorative elements to highlight the night skyscraper atmosphere and improve navigation.

• We've fine-tuned ramps to make moving up and down easier.
• Some objects were grouped for easier movements. For instance, we've removed some corners and large debris so that players don’t get stuck among them.
• We've reduced the number of dead ends to speed up the gameplay and improve overall movement convenience.
All these transformations make the Skyscraper Map more engaged, add strategic and tactical opportunities, and enhance gameplay. We will continue to analyze player behavior in popular locations and improve the gaming experience.
Share your opinion about the Skyscraper map redesign in the comments in our social media, on our Discord server, or to Support. We read every feedback and take it into account!