Tacticool Message Board


• Players can now choose their main rewards in the Battle Pass. Instead of a single main reward, you can now choose whichever one tickles your fancy. In the current Battle Pass, you’ll be able to pick from JB, Miro, or Charon. If none of these characters are doing it for you, you can choose Gold and spend it on something you need right now, like leveling up any character or buying them an outfit on sale. You’ll also find an Operator outfit in the Battle Pass.

• In Descent mode, Operators now respawn automatically a few seconds after the wave ends. Sometimes players have been continuing to kill zombies instead of reviving their allies in Descent mode, thus turning a raid into a one-man show. This isn’t the best experience for their unwilling spectators.

• Valera: the Acrobatics talent has been removed. Acrobatics, which reduced dodge cooldown by 80%, allowed Valera to dodge endlessly. Valera isn’t an acrobat anymore, but he does have the ability to get a rate of fire bonus.

• A number of bugs that were causing Operators to get stuck in the ice on the Arctic map have been fixed.

• Players who break the community’s rules will now get blocked temporarily. We’ve improved the reporting system and added the ability to temporarily block modes. Keep in mind that you can report a violation through the in-game complaint system or by contacting us on social media. If there’s proof the player broke the rules, they’ll get blocked temporarily. If it happens again, they’ll get blocked for even longer. So let’s all maintain a spirit of healthy competition, okay?

• We’ve noticed that some players have been abusing the anti-bot system to get combat rewards. To make sure they don’t ruin their comrades’ impression of the game, we’ve increased the penalty for idling and quitting matches:

- Players who abuse the anti-bot system won’t earn rewards or mission progress in matches they were idle in.

- The anti-bot system is now active in all modes.

Bug fixes and general improvements:

• A number of changes have been made to the game’s maps. The game’s graphics have been improved, and respawn points have been rebalanced to keep things fair for all teams.

• A bug that caused a match to break if Phoenix was selected with a certain weapon and ability loadout has been fixed.

• McReady Station. Capture the Bag. The radiation zone has been expanded to cover hills at the base.

• Players were having trouble getting rewards for watching ads. We figured out what was going on and fixed it.

• A problem related to Miro’s flash grenade count has been fixed. Counting the Operator’s talent, there will now be three of them.