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In-game event: Operation Dragon

• The celebration begins! Join the game, complete Missions solo or with the community, send gifts, and unlock numerous event rewards. No one leaves empty-handed!
• Participate in Сlan competition, level up your Event Pass, and win exclusive Сlan cosmetics. Strength in unity!
• It's time to dress for the season! Don't miss the chance to get thematic costumes for Phoenix, Dutch, and Capisce, as well as unique Collectibles for Roach and MGL.
• The special store is open again! Earn Toxicoins for participating in the event and exchange them for valuable resources and memorabilia. A huge number of lucrative offers await you!
• The event is available until February 28 for players with a 500 rating and above.

New Rare Operator: Owen

• Survivability is the key to victory. Strongman Owen knows this well, as neither fire nor physical blows affect him, and an increased health reserve makes him simply irreplaceable on the front lines.
• Who needs a dodge when there's a Dash? Use the new skill to quickly and safely close the distance to the enemy, pushing everything and everyone out of your way.
• Unleash Owen's full combat potential through Talents. Fiery trail from the Dash, healing on kills, or increased resistance to damage — the choice is yours to make.
• Obtainable in the "Operation Dragon" Event Pass.
Enjoy the celebration and if more Toxicoins to purchase unique items in the Dragon Store needed — find them on our Market!