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Tacticool 2023 Recap: A Year of Overhauls and Thrilling Updates

As the year winds down, the Tacticool community has witnessed a remarkable journey through a series of exciting updates and events. 2023 has undoubtedly been the year of a lot of different decisions and expansion for Tacticool, marked by significant gameplay improvements, new Operator introductions, and innovative weapon releases.

Gameplay Overhaul and Operator Synergy

In the middle of 2023, the unveiling of the New Operator System reshaped the balance and leveling mechanism, and ensured that all Operators, regardless of their rarity, can shine on the battlefield. This update guaranteed a more level playing field and enhanced teamwork, in alignment with the game's strategic core.

Eight Various Events

Throughout the year, seasonal updates like Operation Phoenix, Operation Grand, and Egg Hunt introduced limited-time events that challenged players to complete missions across diverse categories for valuable rewards.
We played in the new Descent mode as the Darktober Event with the unique boosts as mutators and Laboratory. Grabbed some money in Operation Snow, hit the ball in the second season of Gunball and had fun dancing in Dance Fever. Got new experience in the Battle Royale in Operation S.O.H.K. Along the way, the Toxicoin currency joined the fun to offer you even more exclusive goodies during events.

Two New Operators, Lobby 2.0 and Improved Matchmaking

The Tacticool community welcomed a range of new Operators in 2023! Each bringing unique abilities and fresh strategies to the game. Let's recap who joined the ranks throughout the year:

Apollon: This brave astronaut fighter can give you a completely new gaming experience. Quickly move around the battlefield with the help of a jetpack and take up convenient tactical positions right in the air!

Phoenix: This walking firecracker-like Operator with a unique Cluster Grenade that is always with you thanks to an extra Special Weapon slot. Get your enemies from the grave by leaving them a little explosive surprise after death. Drop grenades while dodging or instantly resurrect on after-death kills? It's up to you!
In December, we redesigned our main screen and its elements. Key improvements include:

  • A complete UI redesign, making it more straightforward to navigate and access important tabs.
  • Improved design for recommendation banners to alert players about Supply Drops and Shop deals.
  • The priority Missions section guarantees that players are informed about urgent tasks and pending rewards.
  • A new section for Events and special Modes, so players won't miss any in-game festivities.
  • A revamped Battle Pass card that more precisely reflects the player's current status.

Operators Tweaks and Redesigns

We saw significant balance changes to various Epic Operators, such as Snek, Chen Li, and Ray, tweaking their health and skills to keep the competition fierce and fair. Spencer and Hawk got new Talents for 6 and 10 Levels to become more relevant compared to the others. Some old Operators got new visual designs and models to be more different from each other.

Weaponry Expansion and Upgrades

Not only were the Operators upgraded, but Tacticool's arsenal grew exponentially. With the introduction of high-powered guns like the XO-300 Machine Gun, Doom Inject 25, and long-awaited, fiery mechanics of Flamethrower with Molotov Cocktail, players reveled in new strategies to dominate the opposition. Additionally, the new special weapons like the Smart Bomb and Barbed Wire gave players creative ways to trap and outwit opponents. Added Dirty Anton — a revolver and a unique secondary weapon to show off strength. Also, LUPARA Shotgun — a perfect choice for close combat due to powerful damage, short range and fast running speed.

Continuous Improvements, New Opportunities

Our team showed relentless dedication to improvement, with patches like the Winter Cleaning update, which ironed out bugs and polished the mechanics. This level of commitment was evident in the meticulous bug fixes and general enhancements that improved the overall gaming experience for the community. The work on it is still in progress and it's never enough.

Before the 2023 changes, new in-game content came out rarely and was hard to achieve. As an example, after the release, a new Operator was available to ~300 players and very few people have owned it in the past. But now, around 10,000 players can get a new Operator in the first days after the release. Players can receive new content just by playing the matches. Our team changed the game economy to make content more accessible to the majority.

During the year, the team also worked on improving matchmaking. We managed to make the selection of players more accurate, but the work on it continues and we will definitely see its updates in 2024.

Entering the new year, we reflect on a year filled with dynamic growth, competitive edge, and community spirit within the Tacticool universe. Each update invigorated the game with fresh content, ensuring that both tactical newbies and veterans always had something to aim for.

Looking Forward

We look ahead towards what Tacticool has in store for us in the future. The game has proven to be a constantly evolving battleground that keeps even the most seasoned players on their toes. It's been an extraordinary year for Tacticool, and the community awaits for the thrills in the upcoming year.

In 2024, our team is planning to work on:

  • Clan Overhaul
  • Cosmetics Rework
  • Matchmaking Improvements
  • Vehicle Improvements
  • Special Weapons Overhaul
  • New Mods System
  • PvE Activities Overhaul
  • Battle and Club Pass Improvements

We will keep you updated as this is not the final list and may undergo changes. Find out the actual 2024 Roadmap and share your thoughts about this recap in our Discord.