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Community Feedback: March

Here you’ll find more about the gameplay, some Operators, resources and content. Take your time and read. Keep sending your suggestions and share your thoughts on Discord in #suggestions channel.

Add a feature to buy Tacticons with Gold at a reasonable price (500 Gold as example).

We plan to make a feature like this available. Most likely it will be out in the redesigned Shop, which was mentioned in Roadmap.

Change Zloy's 10th Talent to give an option to use a non-flammable gas.

Operators and Weapons cannot always remain 100% up-to-date. The addition of new content and mechanics to the game affects gameplay and balance, causing certain strategies and loadouts to become more effective and sought after, while others become less so. Doing non-dispersible smoke, non-flammable gas and other modified area effects is definitely not our way. How will other players understand how they can interact with modified entities and if they are modified at all? We are currently evaluating the need and feasibility of solving this situation in some more universal way.

Need the opportunity to return the Intels spent on Weapons and the Talents of Operators in every update that affects rebalance.

At the moment, we are not ready to add this feature as it will significantly affect the game economy. However, we are discussing various options to improve the interaction with resources used for upgrades.

Operators should respawn with a 3 second immunity to all damage so that they cannot spawn into immediate death.

We are aware of this, especially in early Ranks, and we are thinking about a solution. Your suggestion seems too arcade-like, but we don't rule out something similar.

Melee kills should not cause the Flamethrower Tank explosion, otherwise Klaus and Charon now feel like a joke.

Our team thinks about how to make these mechanics less ultimate. But for now, it seems that as the Flamethrower popularity gradually decreases, the scale of the issue should also decrease.

Please add a server in the Middle-East Region as there are no good options. The EU ones are unplayable. The one playable server is so empty that I almost got to Elite II just by playing with Bots.

Need more information to check and answer this. Please describe which servers we are talking about and send all details to our Support team. We will analyze the situation and look for solutions.