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New Operator System

• We’ve taken a completely new approach to how Operators are balanced and level up. Now every Operator can be useful at any point in the game regardless of their rarity!
• All Operators now have unique skills, which means they all have their own roles on the battlefield. Pick the one that suits your playstyle.
• Build your Squad just by playing Tacticool! New Operators will drop in the post-match rewards. The higher your rating is, the rarer the specialists you can get.

In-Game Event: Operation GRAND

• Operator, HQ’s got new orders for you! Your mission’s a little easier this time, but you’ll still have your work cut out for you. Are you in?
• Complete Missions from 3 categories and get valuable rewards that will help you level up your favorite Operators or guns.
• Looking for some extra training? Unlock the ELITE GRAND PASS and get even more challenges. And that means more prizes!

Epic Operators Balance Changes

  • Reduced Health from 7350 to 6705.
  • Reduced Movement Speed bonus from +30% to +20%.

  • Reduced Health from 6840 to 6290.

  • Reduced Health from 6440 to 6290.
  • Reduced weapon usage cooldown after decloaking from 0.95 sec to 0.7 sec.

  • Reduced weapon usage cooldown after decloaking from 0.8 sec to 0.7 sec.

  • Reduced time until Cluster Grenade's explosion from 1 sec to 0.7 sec.

Epic Operators Leveling Changes

Damage of Super Weapons now increases with the Operator's Level. This change applies to:
  • Diana's Drones
  • Snek's Airstrike
  • Zloy's A-232 (now also deals damage in absolute values rather than Health percentage)
  • Phoenix's Cluster Grenade
  • Dutch's RTFM
  • Miro's Bleeding effect for Flash Grenade
  • Ray's Holographic Decoy explosion

Meanwhile special abilities of Epic Operators can no longer be improved. All bonuses were changed to fixed values:
  • Dutch's RTFM Cooldown is now always 28 sec.
  • JB's Tactical Reload Speed is now always 40%; Weapon swap speed bonus is now always 60%.
  • Charon's Melee Damage bonus is now always 75%.
  • Chen Li's EMP Blast Radius is now always 12 m; Landau Field durability is now always 30%; Landau Cannon Cooldown is now always 17 sec.
  • Miro's Flash Grenade Blast Radius bonus is now always 20%.

Bug Fixes & General Improvements

• Fixed a bug in Moses’s Anointed Talent that caused damage to a character not to be reduced during movement.
• Fixed a bug that made it impossible to close the Squad invite window.
Added content for the next Battle Pass